A strong concept:

My university professor and I sat down one day to design a set for Hedda Gabler. I had been working on it for days… if not longer, busy with recreating a home from the era, in extreme detail but which had no real substance or individuality about it. In his wisdom, my professor managed to extract from me what the key pieces of the set were that were necessary to tell the story: a staircase, a chandelier and a piano.

This napkin sketch we produced reflects the essence of the story of Hedda Gabler. It is not a perfect set design, but I think back to it often – at the start of each design – and ask myself:

What is the essence of this story?

What elements are necessary to tell this story?

What are the key images that come to mind when reading the story?

Images + elements + story = concept.

Hedda Gabler sketch


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