LIOLI Reno: Danielle & Trevor

It was such a pleasure to work on this beautiful old house for such a great couple ! They trusted the LIOLI team and we hope we gave them something to  grow in to for years to come…


To see more photos and read the full blog, visit Jillian Harris‘s site as well as Love it or List it Vancouver for the video and resource guide to product used in the episode.


LIOLI Reno: Melissa and Josh

This was an adorable renovation – the Love it or List it Vancouver (LIOLI) team put all our hearts into making this little old apple shack work for its growing family – check it out for yourself: Melissa & Josh


Designer on Love it or List it Vancouver

I have been working as a designer with Jillian Harris on Love it or List it Vancouver for just over 2 years now and it has been an amazing experience – I’ve learned so much and have had the opportunity to try out so many things that I consider myself one of the luckiest designers in Vancouver ! I’ve been blogging about the episodes that have aired on Jillian Harris‘ website and will link the them soon… as soon as I figure out how !

Check out Love it or List it Vancouver for more information on the show.