Love it or List it Vancouver


2 thoughts on “Love it or List it Vancouver

  1. Hi Francesca,

    Having grown up in West Vancouver I have followed and enjoyed Love it or List it Vancouver for some time. My husband and I have recently purchased a small condo near Deep Cove were looking for ways to make the blah bedroom a great space. We were watching Live it or List it the other day – the segment with Jennifer and Robert which I believe aired originally on Oct 31,2016. We both fell in love with the paint splash wall mural used in the master bedroom. We have since looked at thousands of available wall murals and this is the only one we both love and can agree on!
    Can you please tell us where We can obtain it? We would be very grateful!


    Marilyn Seib

    1. Hello Marilyn –

      Happy to hear that you and your husband have found something you both like – that can be the most challenging part !! I actually do not know exactly where that mural came from as Jene Eves sourced that (designer on that episode), you can contact her at: I think she’s on vacation with her family at this time but she’ll get back to you, if not right away.

      Good luck changing thins from blah to awesome – !

      – Francesca

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