Bathroom reno: the 80’s called, they want their tile back.

Kits Construction and I teamed up to take a couple bathrooms out of the 80’s and transform them with both style and function for a lovely home in Vancouver. The ensuite was the only “working” bathroom on the top floor for a family of 4. The other bathroom – complete with bidet and jet-powered jacuzzi – was just too scary for the kids to use…. See before photos – eek!

The state of the "scary bathroom" prior to our intervention.
The state of the “scary bathroom” prior to our intervention.

And the ensuite wasn’t in any better shape – cramped for 2 people to use, it was a disaster for 4 to get ready in the mornings. Dad dreamed of a steam shower and mom of some well-deserved space…

The ensuite - tiny shower and single vanity made for angry mornings!
The ensuite – tiny shower and single vanity made for angry mornings!

We enlarged the ensuite only slightly into the bedroom in order to get the toilet around the corner and create the steam shower of their dreams. Custom vanity from Merit Kitchens, stylish tile from Olympia Tile and NuHeat in the floor – you can’t help but smile and feel relaxed walking into this space.


Olympia Tile has a great selection of product – from modern to traditional, there’s always something there that will fit the bill. We selected this mosaic chevron – much to the irritation of our tile installer (sorry Jacky!) – to give the steam shower some edge and elegance.

IMG_0308 IMG_0277

The floor tile is all warm and cozy thanks to the NuHeat mats beneath. Great all year round, these heat pads warm the floor up evenly and keep the whole space toasty.


Plumbing fixtures are all Riobel, supplied through EMCO and the great Franco Lucia – speedy service with precision and style – what more can you ask for from a plumbing rep?!


An end-of season magnolia branch clipped from the front yard and we have ourselves a finished ensuite – keep out boys, you’ve got your own bathroom!


The bathroom “for the boys” (for the homeowners’ two sons), was also completed within the same time frame: 6 weeks from start to finish (inc. the main floor reno – soon to be seen on Love it or List it Vancouver). We gutted the dated fixtures and dark paneling (when was paneling ever a good idea?!) and did all new fixtures, tile and cabinetry in soft “haze grey” tones that will stay fresh and current as the sons grow.


The vanity – again from Merit Kitchens – will house all their storage needs, and if it doesn’t, this great linen cabinet and laundry storage will! No excuses now for not getting the towels off the floor – the open laundry hampers couldn’t be more accessible…


Exit jacuzzi, enter deep acrylic tub suitable for bath time. The grey bands of elongated subway tiles tie into the vanity colour and the little Silestone ledge gets the soaps out of the way.


IMG_0325 IMG_0350

The NuHeat in this bathroom will also help dry those towels that do end up on the floor…


A couple of updated bathrooms for a young modern family – still in character with their 100-year old home but fresh and new and suited to their lifestyle.


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