Samantha Pynn: Is accessorizing a home ‘a bit of a crock’ ?

Great little article about room-changing touches that are easily obtained and skillfully collected !

National Post

Dear Sam,

When will designers realize accessories and pillows can’t change a house. I’ve been reading about this in every magazine lately like it’s a new story. I heard you say it on TV too. Feels to me like old news and bit of a crock. The homes in photo spreads are frankly unattainable and cost upward of a million dollars.


Dear Jean,

Thanks for your honesty. No one needs to alert the media about the power of pillows and accessories story. Yep, we’ve heard and read it a million times before in decorating magazines and on TV. Of course, if your walls are crumbling or painted a horrid shade, well then, no, there is not much that a pillow can do for you. And, if your home is a mess, jammed to the rafters with junk, a great looking vase isn’t going to do a thing. (No judgment…

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